Spring Update

Although it is already Spring it is not too late for the influenza vaccine, as the spike in cases continue. Please check with reception or your doctor.

Tree pollen is already causing symptoms for some patients; we can expect the rye grass pollen season to start in a few weeks. In the wake of the thunderstorm asthma phenomenon last year, some patients should have a specific action plan this year. Please discuss with your doctor.

Please note Dr. Jack Goldberg goes on leave next week. His last day of consulting will be 23/09, before returning on 16/10.

Ms Yota Kliasiou is currently acting practice manager. Non-routine administrative requests may be addressed to her.

2017 influenza vaccines are here!

This year’s influenza vaccines have arrived. As usual government funding is available for persons aged 65 and over, pregnant women, and individuals with predisposing medical conditions. Please note younger children from six months to under three years of age need a special version which requires ordering. Private stock is also available for unfunded individuals, at $20.

We continue to offer the shingles vaccine, Zostavax, which is free for 70-79 years old. It is a live vaccine, as a result must be spaced apart from other live vaccines; unsuitable for persons with a compromised immune system; and can at times lead to delayed side effects.

Also a reminder that Medicare funding is available for bone densitometry (DEXA scan), for diagnosis of osteoporosis (low bone density). Those eligible include persons over 70 years of age, and other at-risk patients. Please check with your doctor for details.

Influenza vaccines pending

The year is flying past indeed, with summer soon drawing to a close. The influenza vaccines this year are expected to arrive around mid-April; this applies to both government-funded and private stock. While that may be considered quite late from a historical perspective, recent research showed that immunity starts to wane as soon as 4 months after vaccination. In that light April is logical for an expected August peak in influenza cases.


Season’s Greetings

As the end of the year comes to a close, please note temporary disruptions to our service. Dr. Carman will be away 12-16/12. She will be back the week after, then away again from 23/12 until 20/01/17Dr. Lesh has finished for the year and will resume toward the end of summer. Dr. Tsang will be away from 24/12 until 02/01/17. Dr. Goldberg will be working through the holiday period, but please check with reception regarding reduced hours on specific days.

Coral is currently on medical leave. We wish her a speedy recovery, and hope to see her back at work in the new year. Gabby will go on extended leave soon; we wish her safe travels. In the meantime we welcomed onboard Yota as our newest admin staff member. She looks forward to assisting you with your health requirements. She is a native Greek speaker.

From the team here at Medical on Malvern, we wish you happy holidays, and best of health for your family.

2016 influenza vaccines

2016 Influenza vaccines are available. We have the Government-funded tetravalent (4 strain) stock, as well as private trivalent (3 strain) stock for $10.

To round out our onsite services, we welcomed Mr. Bryce Foothead, podiatrist. He has been running a regular clinic. Please enquire with reception regarding his services.

National Hearing Care will be performing free basic hearing tests onsite periodically.

We welcomed a new exercise physiology clinic nearby. Please check with your doctor if you might benefit from this service, for which funding is often available.

For those who have yet to meet our admin staff additions, Nina and Gabby have been with us for some months now. Jemma will also continue to assist us outside of her studies.